The Science of Writing book series reveals writing strategies of bestselling professional authors, and teaches you how to build upon those skills in your own writing. The first book in the series, Final Edit, The Final Hours of Your Final Draft, was launched on October 22, 2011. Although the subject of this first book is self-editing, many of the editing decisions derive from proven scientific data obtained through computational linguistics research. This is intentional. The series will gradually introduce you to an approach to writing that is focused on shaping your content into the form that will best communicate to your readers. Each succeeding book in the series will disclose more of the results of twelve years of research into bestsellers, both fiction and nonfiction, using proprietary software—an expert system that has undergone six years of development beyond the version that we released at


Quick Reference for Final Edit Now Available!

Science of Writing is pleased to announce the availability of a Quick Reference for Final Edit (Word edition). This 8.5 by 11 inch (folded 17x11), four-page, glossy card-stock Quick Reference consolidates all the essentials of Final Edit: 6 important tables, 23 searches (out of 80 total), and 9 of the 13 word lists from the book. The price is $5.95.

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If you’re wearing your editor hat, you may have noticed the parenthetical “of 80 total” in the previous paragraph, and you may have wondered where the extra 30 searches came from; the only number on the cover of the book is “50.” The extra searches include 23 variations on the main searches and 7 final “Use Your Imagination” searches.

We offer special combination pricing for one copy of the book, Final Edit, The Final Hours of Your Final Draft (normally $15.95) PLUS the Quick Reference for the book (normally $5.95). For the special combo price of $18.95 use the lowest “Buy Now” button in the sidebar at the right.

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